Unfortunate, But A Reality of Life

In early August Wanda Nieves called ATC on behalf of her elderly, disabled mother Altagracia Sanchez.  Ms. Sanchez is legally blind and had recently become sick and was hospitalized. Unfortunately, after being released from the hospital, she was unable to return to her apartment – she had to go to a nursing and rehabilitation center because she was no longer able to live on her own due to her medical condition.  Ms. Nieves notified her mother’s apartment complex, but was told that they would still be responsible for the rent, for the balance of the lease contract and that they would have to pay a reletting fee. 

Fair Housing Specialist Cruz Garcia assisted Ms. Nieves and her mother with asking for a reasonable accommodation – in this case Ms. Sanchez needed to be released from the lease contract without penalty because she could no longer use and enjoy the dwelling due to her disabilities. Management of the property agreed to release Ms. Sanchez from the lease contract without penalty.  Ms. Nieves and her family were faced with an unfortunate reality of life – as we age, we can’t always remain in our own homes. That is a very difficult reality for families to accept and it is made even more difficult when they face problems with trying to help their aging family members with housing issues. Ms. Nieves was very appreciative of ATC’s assistance and stated, “Thank you very much for all your help and support.”